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Welcome to the Web Presence Rockstars Podcast with Mistie Crovo.

This podcast is for entrepreneurs who want rockstar level web presence results but don’t have a huge budget to outsource. Tips and how tos made easy for the web presence do it yourselfers. Be prepared to learn about websites, digital marketing, SEO, analytics and more!!


The Most Important SEO Tools You Need (And No, It's Not The Search Console This Time)

Ok so the Search Console may be part of this discussion but, there's some other super important tools you need in order to properly optimize your website.

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What Does Google Say About Using AI to Create Content? I'm So Glad You Asked. Have a Listen and Find Out!

Have you been using AI to generate your content? How has it been working for you? Increased rankings, decreased rankings?

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Your WordPress Website Was Compromised in a Breach...Now What?

In this episode, we discuss the Managed WordPress hosting account breach, what steps you should take if your account was part of this breach and how to protect your website and your personal information moving forward.

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